I really hat to write about myself. But since you made the effort to click the "About"-link in the navigation and therefor are at least a tiny bit interested in my person, you shall not be disapppointed. My name is Christian Beier and I live in Potsdam (Germany), it's near Berlin. I'm told that I have to many interests, which might be true. But mainly they gravitate around ways to express creativity. To be more specific: programming, design, typography, photography, internet and productivity.

This Blog

Since I decided to make this my tech blog I write about the more programming related web development things. But maybe also about some internet stuff and design.


I've been working as full-stack web developer for over 10 years for different agencies. In the last years I worked mainly with Drupal 7 and 8. During some great projecst I've gained experience working with a number of ancillary technologies including Apache Solr, Redis and Docker.